the reason of its doom..


Norman is a character driven political drama about a guy who befriends a man from a different native who latter becomes an important servant of the government and their friendship creates a havoc between the countries.

Cedar’s world in here is too much calculative for it to offer any piece of entertainment or excitement to the audience. As such features; that utterly relies upon a relationship, requires, the chemistry between the lead cast may be impressive but isn’t good enough to carry on the feature on it.

And even though the makers manipulates viewers to surrender emotionally in its final act, it fails to create the anticipated impact, as the innocence doesn’t make it up till the first act. Another primary reason, why it fails so poorly is because of its surreal concept that requires multiple characters and subplots and various sequences and situations in order to move forward.

And the makers in order to justify the actions occurring, finds itself setting the circumstances for the most part of the feature. It falls flatly on face in technical aspects like cinematography, background score and camera work.

It might be beautifully shot with a cold winter-esque palpable environment but those New York streets certainly aren’t appealing in here. Gere has evolved a lot in his portrayal and is supported well enough by Ashkenazi’s obvious reserved, Sheen’s weaker and Buscemi’s stronger portrayal.

Cedar is armed with a potential premise which being aware of, he uses it wisely and leaves the room head held high on execution whilst on writing, the audience might still have few questions. Gere’s heartbreaking performance and a promising concept are the only two points of the feature that may help one survive this sinking feature.

Norman is a self misguided feature whose exploration might be the reason of its doom.

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