Enough Said

to rekindle the love by pushing the boundaries..


Enough Said is a character driven romantic comedy about a man and a woman attempting to rekindle the love by pushing the boundaries. As much as simple and sensible the tale is, the relationship and the chemistry is complicated to the core; hats off to the writer to pull off such a heist.

Each individual character gets their space to invest in, on the bigger picture which offers the actors, equal range to flaunt in their skills. Running for around 90 minutes, the feature is utterly busy that helps keep the audience tangled in its web of lies. It is also very smart and mature hence if lost any focus, the rest of the material may come off as mumbo-jumbo.

As said, the writing is strong, gripping and adaptive with a scoreboard mentality among the characters that makes it humorous and edgy too. The flirty talks are some of the best moments it has to offer the audience, where one cannot remove the smile off its face; it’s all charm. It may be short on technical aspects like background score, sound department and cinematography but is finely edited.

It is also shot beautifully with bright and light colors offering the palpable breezy environment to the viewers. As mentioned earlier, the performance is one of its major strength where Gandolfini’s portrayal is calculative and mesmerizing, Louis-Dreyfus is complex and more human and Keener is supporting like a pro with the help of Collette’s bang on act.

If Holofcener’s writing skills may get congested in its middle act, her experienced execution skills are savior to the feature that allows the viewers to chew in properly and breathe. Competitive arguments, flirty talks and stellar performances are the high points of the feature.

Enough Said may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is layered with thought provoking propagandas that keeps hitting you even after you leave the screen.

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