While You Were Sleeping

the finesse on weaving the structure..


While You Were Sleeping is a plot driven romcom whose benign complexity is its strength unlike any other feature. The core is undeniably a typical textbook equation but it exfoliates the charm with one liners and hilarious humor rather than polishing it with flirty talk.

And when it grows intense it holds onto you until you surrender yourself feeling a plethora of emotions where the primary one is satisfaction. The chemistry is the ace in the hole in such genre which it delivers unflinchingly in here but it’s not among the lead characters that are at their best but side ones.

Bullock and Warden are the perfect sensible teammates you will ever get on screen whilst Bullock’s bittersweet relationship with Rispoli is the highlight of the feature. The narrative has a mockery tone that draws out the laugh from its uncertainty and unexpected outcomes from each character.

The screenplay by Sullivan and Lebow is gripping, adaptive and sensible if not layered or thought provoking as the makers might suggest. It is shot beautifully with a true Christmas spirited theme that is pleasingly light and breezy to encounter but is unfortunately short on technical aspects like cinematography, background score and editing.

Bullock as always delivers to the full with the help of a decent supporting cast like Boyle, Warden and Rispoli. The ironic humor, a sense of urgency and a good old romantic tale are the high points of the feature. The director Turteltaub is honest to its characters and storyline where he neither overchews it nor leaves it undercooked.

While You Were Sleeping is surprisingly a very smart feature on terms of the finesse on weaving the structure with every bit of husky material it could scrape off from its characters and their sub-plots.

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