for the cinematic craft..


Blindspotting is a character driven drama about two friends who lives on the edge of the life and are unaware of it until a crisis comes knocking on the door.

The chemistry between the lead cast is touching the sky, brimmed with tiny notions like references that chuckles them up, being boldly honest and their knack of creating rap momentarily. Estrada’s world is a thrilling distraction, a distraction that is worth accounting in, if you seek to understand and enjoy the ride.

The narrative is fast, raw, bold and hits hard to the viewers within first few minutes, the audience is more than welcome in their poignant yet pragmatic bubble. The structure of the feature is fresh and falls step by step in front of the audience with fine editing as each frame plays a vital role on justifying the actions.

The race against time factor creates the sense of urgency on screen that cuts deeper and keeps the crisp alive among the characters. The background score is up beating with bang on raps sung by the cast that actually is essential to the plot track; music plays an important part in here.

The cinematography might not be up to the mark but the camera work is decent enough to survive, with a dark theme and colors speaking volume. Armed with a poetic script (or a hardcore rap, some might say) Estrada is surprisingly good for his debut major motion picture and flaunts enormous potential.

If Diggs is sensible and a hard worker, Casal is his alter ego with hilarious and horrifying portrayal, he shifts his color like a chameleon. Music, layered one-liners, slick humor and a poem that flows across the tale are the high points of the feature.

Blindspotting is a metaphorical tunnel that is equally important to the political condition of the world as much as it is for the cinematic craft.

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