a calm ride to hop in..


Anomalisa is a character driven animated feature whose exaggeration of a metaphor is so poetic that it leaves the audience in an awe of it throughout the course of the feature. The writing is rare and exquisite where its “baby steps” procedure is not only a pro of it but a calculative risk.

The conversations aren’t pragmatic but it is so beautifully sketchy that it falls in piece by piece into the puzzle and unlocks something beyond cinematic. In fact, there is a conversation between Leigh and Thewlis that is weaved in with an eye on such a closure, that the audience is staring at an abyss in the end of it.

It is also brimmed with humor, that draws a chuckle every now and then and is imputed with no additional force. The narrative flows like water and melts like butter that is soothing to the long last appetite of the audience.

Kaufman isn’t ready to compromise its craft at any level, the boldness is as much as scary as it is glorifying. It’s world of smoke and mirrors are not mere hoax to hold the audience and project the unexpected but is pure ethos; it may not rhyme or it ought not to rhyme, to tap with the beats.

It is rich on technical aspects like cinematography and editing but is somewhat short on background score. The art designing is pure finesse and plausible especially to pull it off on such scale. The voice cast Thewlis and Leigh (she sings beautifully) has done an amazing job with Noonan literally supporting through thick and thin.

The humane emotion, the chemistry, the conversations, the randomness and the specificity, all of it are the high points of the feature, every last detail. The director duo, Kaufman and Johnson has created a masterpiece that is at best simply emotional and at worst technically complex.

Anomalisa is more personal than a cinema ever will be, and it’s a calm ride to hop in.

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