You’ve Got Mail

calculative and constructive steps..


You’ve Got Mail is a plot driven romance about a guy and a girl who are unknown to each other but knows more about each other than anyone.

It is a classic romantic tale whose simplicity is its key that unlocks each and every emotions of the audience as it goes through its track. The chemistry as required, is just amazing with both the lead cast, investing equally, draws out the heat from the content. Ticking for two hours, there isn’t an inch of the feature, that is bourgeois or distraction, it is pure concrete material.

The goofyness, the flirty talks, the references and the cheesy tricks, all works in its favour because of its genuine reasonings that are justified to the core. Chugging down all the perspective that they could squeeze out in the allotted time, it offers enough reasons for the audience to stay on the edge of the seat.

It is short on technical aspects like background score, cinematography and sound department. The camera work is decently handled with beautiful visuals and bright colors that lights up the feature and offers a breezy atmosphere to the viewers.

The narrative is smart if not mature, hilarious if not practical and honest to the core if chalky around the edges. Hanks has never been better with his flawed and complex character while Ryan is good enough to steal the spotlight from him.

Ephron; the co-writer and director, may not be as convincing while executing the script, but his screenplay is worth basically everything. Argumentative conversations, witty dialogues and the good old romantic tale that we all have been missing are the high points of the feature.

You’ve Got Mail cannot be categorized into guilty pleasure, it is much smarter than it seems in its calculative and constructive steps.

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