Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

through the lens..


Extremely Loud And Extremely Close is a character driven feature about the repercussions that a terrorism breeds on a much simpler mind.

The premise has potential enough to withhold the audience for its runtime since its contradictory nature that plays irony and satire calculatively but in excessive amount. Its structure is benign and questionable and its tour de manipulative emotions that are drawn out from cheap shots.

But in its own sketchy terms, it is utterly electrifying to the core with sensitive material that is respected with brilliant material. The conversations may be pragmatic but few liners hits hard and draws out most of the emotions from its skill to play with words like a puppet.

The makers are aware of its poignant concept, pathos and vulnerable characters whose fragile and innocent relationship is explored layer by layer in here which works most of the part like an onion; peeling off will result into tears. The places the features visit is also a bit obnoxious but the procedure it follows to shift from one sequence to another is the key.

The background score is decent with a camera work that is pleasant and appropriately handled with beautiful locations, bright colors and stunning visuals. On the other hand, it is short on cinematography, sound department, production design and editing. Hanks is supportive, Bullock is achingly good with an amazing support from Sydow and the convincing and troubled protagonist Horn.

Daldry has grown mature on his execution skills no matter how much the script overchews, he elevates the heart rate of the viewers and keeps them rooting for the characters. Plethora of emotions, character’s perspective and sharp and edgy one liners are the high points of the feature.

Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close is an essential tale about the nature of humanity that is peeked through the lens of a persona that is unaware of the terms and conditions of the society.

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