Breakfast At Tiffany’s

too caloric for it to be to nutritious..


Breakfast At Tiffany’s is a character driven romantic drama about a complex girl that weaves nothing but trouble to herself and others.

As much as mysterious the character is kept, the characteristics and the properties explained or not explained is worth the whole build up of it. But this is where the feature gets stuck, not only is it confused to its core in order to the theme or the tone of the feature it is utterly imbalanced and unstable throughout the course of it.

Few goofy and flawed sequences especially in its initial stages throws off the audience with a knack for imputing humor forcibly is something that grows annoying as it ages on screen. It is undeniably chalky around the edges but its heart is somehow in the right place that keeps the audience rooting for the characters.

The writing is strong on keeping the characters intriguing and pacing up the script but falls flatly on shifting from one to another; requires better polishing. Repetitive props, familiar characters and the awareness of the surrounding and the way it uses them wisely is soothing to eyes.

It is rich on technical aspects like background score, editing and costume design but is short on cinematography and camera work which could have easily been a lot better. Edwards; the director, still needs a bit of work on his executing skills but his self-created world is something that is eye-popping.

Hepburn is on her A game where she has the range and rights to carry it off all in her shoulder with Peppard supporting him decently. Pragmatic conversations, character’s eerie perspective and stunning colourful visuals and costume designing are the high points of the feature.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s is actually too caloric for it to be nutritious and the primary reason is its ability to draw out the attention from the safer textbook equation.

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