Mamma! Mia Here We Go Again

a brimful of nothing..

1 And A Half Out Of 5

Mamma! Mia Here We Go Again is a commercial plot driven musical sequel that depicts the past of the protagonist Donna which was kept hidden under the shadow in the first installment. It is certainly better than the first one; the reason to that is the sincerity that may not breed the essential crisp out of it but appropriately respects the tenderness of it, but unfortunately that’s not saying a lot.

It is rich on technical aspects like its up-beating and far better songs, decent background score and breezy costume design and on the other hand fails completely on choreography (which is disappointing considering the genre of the feature), cinematography and editing. Few songs and alluring visuals and locations are the only high points of the feature.

The script is blunt, naive, cheesy and immature at times that follows an indefinite structure that collapses before it even builds itself up. The overstuffed characters with their textbook sub-plot, is one of the dullest recipe in this mishap of misconception.

The screenplay by Ol Parker is raw and under-cooked to create any impact on its self-created and pretentious emotions. And whilst Parker fails on offering an appropriate trajectory to its characters, it decently holds on to its role on executing the sequence with conviction. The performance is something that itches down the throat throughout the course of it since the cast seem to have been enjoying too much to persuade the audience for a second look.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is more of a question than an answer to its predecessor as it’s a brimful of nothing, where after the dust settles, there is still not a single piece of craft to explore in it for it takes place to create a satisfying closure for the makers and not the viewers.

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