Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

a reign that sinks so deep that it never lifts up..

2 Out Of 5

The camera work is horrifyingly witty and is more appalling than the creatures, sound effects and the tense energy that is created in here and the credit goes to the director whose passion and keen sense of knowledge towards the horror genre that helps hold the audience to their seats through its overlong 2 hours of runtime.


The writing is similar to its previous installment, that is cheesy, sloppy and a bit chalky around the edges, addition to that the urge to create a dramatic or action sequence that is captured from a textbook cinematic formula, makes the whole process redundant especially when the audience sweats through it.


One would assume that the format of the structure and the mind-numbing chase sequences would be distracted by the bigger picture and a smarter approach that would redefine the franchise; one is wrong. The upgrade or updated version of the sequel according to the makers in here, is to go big, loud and pure mayhem on as much as large scale possible and not develop the characters and sensibility that gives the gravitas to it.


J.A. Bayona; the director, comes as a bit of a shock and disappointing considering the expectation he brought with him, he seems distracted and unsettled on the final vision. The technical aspects such as visual effects are appreciative along with d.o.p. but the editing could have been a lot better.


Chris Pratt on hand-to-hand combat is believable and more convincing this time but there’s nothing more than that and so is on Bryce Dallas Howard; despite of being such an acclaimed actress. Having said that, the primary reason would be the range and space given to the actors is lesser than usual which can be difficult to pull off.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a reign that sinks so deep that it never lifts up despite of its twists and turns, which is caused in here by uneven pacing and sloppy writing.

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